Throughout the year, TIA assists in promoting the products of its members to media and consumers.  We follow an editorial calendar that highlights the changing seasons, major holidays, current toy trends, blockbuster licensing opportunities, and more.

To participate, please review the editorial calendar shown below, identify opportunities where you think there’s a good fit for your product and a particular theme, and e-mail product information (including price, age, brief description, and link to product website) to Jackie Retzer at TIA.


  • TIA makes use of a wide range of formats for these promotional opportunities.  In some cases we will request actual product, in other cases we may need only high-resolution images or product b-roll (sometimes even a commercial will work).  When responding, please indicate what resources are available for TIA’s use.
  • Physical samples will be requested only after the TIA team reviews the product information and decides that a video is being produced.
  • Please make sure that ALL product nominated for a segment referenced below is available by the date referenced for that topic in the editorial calendar.
  • Please check back often as opportunities may change or topics can be updated.

Product Info Due

Release Date


Topic Notes

August 6

August 22

Whip It Up

Cooking toys

August 13

August 29

STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

Toys that teach science, technology, engineering, arts and math concepts

August 20

September 5

Back to the “Books”

Learning Tablets and e-Reader Systems

August 27

September 12

DIY Delights

Activity Toys

September 3

September 19

Puzzling Play

Toys that are brain-challenging (puzzles, strategy games, etc.)

September 10

September 26

Building “Up”

Building and construction toys

September 17

October 3

Mini Maestro

Musical Toys

September 24

October 10

The Varsity League

Teen toys

October 1

October 17

Unique Treasures

Specialty Toys

October 8

October 24

Grand Slam!

Baseball-themed toys

October 15

October 31

Frightfully Fun: Zombies, Monsters and More! 

Monsters, zombies, ghouls, product

October 22

November 7

Party Time!

Games that are fun for group play