Animal Moves

(For Ages 4+)


  • None

Prep Time:

  • 10 minutes

Recipe for Fun!

STEP 1: Create a list that includes a variety of animals, birds, fish that each have distinct movements (galloping horse, waddling duck, jumping frog, buzzing bee, playful monkey, winding snake, lumbering bear, swimming shark etc.)

STEP 2: Show or mark off the boundaries of the area to the children before you begin.

STEP 3: Begin calling out an animal from your list one by one. Make sure to give your kids enough time between each call out to fully explore their ideas. For the first animal, have your kids work their way from one end of the space to the opposite end.

STEP 4: For the next call out, they would turn around and go back to the starting point. Continue having them “move” back and forth this way until all the animals on the list are done.

STEP 5: If your kids have gone through your list and want to continue - ask them for new suggestions and build a bigger list for the next time!