Big Art


  • Large paper
  • Tape
  • Washable markers, crayons, or chalk
  • Spray bottle*
  • Bath Crayons*

*Used with Schedule Boosters

Step by Step Fun!

Big Art means big movement – use your whole body to draw on large paper.

Tape the paper down on the floor and let the kids draw big designs. Encourage them to reach, stretch, and change their body into various positions as they draw. Criss cross and V-sitting, as well as positions like side lying, belly time, kneeling, and being on all-fours during BIG ART increased the whole-body impact of this activity.

Activity Alternatives:

  • For children with limited mobility and/or decreased strength and endurance: Take your paper to the table and complete the Big Art from a seated position in a supportive chair.
  • For children who have fine motor difficulties: Use a jumbo-sized crayon/chalk/ “Egg crayon” or use finger paints rather than standard crayons or markers.
  • For children working on functional utensil grasp: Use a shortened writing tool like a golf pencil, broken crayon/chalk for the activity – this promotes using three fingers while they draw.
  • For children working on language: Discuss the art (ex: the color/size/shape, reason that image was chosen) or tell a story involving the picture.

Schedule Boosters:

  • Liven up your bath time routine by using bath crayons to trace their hand and/or water toys on a tiled wall or use the tile wall as the canvas for your child’s creative Big Art design. Make sure to stay seated for safety in the tub!
  • Go outdoors! Bring chalk and spray bottles with you and incorporate water play. Make designs on your fence or sidewalk with chalk or use a spray bottle to make water designs (these are temporary and fun!).

Challenge Boosters:

  • Move your art up the wall or easel and complete the drawing/tracing on a vertical surface to target upper body and lower body muscles in a different way.
  • Channel your inner Michelangelo by taping your paper underneath a table and laying beneath it while completing your Big Art on your back to work different muscle groups.

Benefits of Play:

  • Core strengthening. A strong core is necessary for stability, posture, and movement.
  • Upper body and hand strengthening. Strengthen these muscles while bearing weight in various positions to draw.
  • Encourages creativity. Children can express themselves, exhibit how they interpret their world, and reveal how they feel through art.
  • Sensory processing. While creating Big Art, senses such as touch, movement, and body position are developed and honed.