Color Match


  • One sheet each of red, yellow, green, blue, and orange colored construction paper, or one plastic bowl in each of these colors
  • Easily accessible household objects/toys

Prep Time:

  • 5 minutes

Recipe for Fun!

Place the colored sheets of construction paper on the table. Then have the children go through the house to find small objects/toys that match the colors. Have the children make the match by placing each object on the corresponding colored paper.


  • Working memory. Having children follow multi-step directions helps them retain information long enough to use it. This is important for focusing, paying attention, following directions, making decisions, reading, and solving math problems.
  • Color/object identification and matching. This activity helps children develop their vocabulary and ability to recognize characteristics, which, in turn, helps them understand and describe their world.
  • Sorting skills. The task of sorting objects helps children gain control and create order in their world. It also helps them differentiate between things that are alike and things that are different.


For an easier time:

  • Gather one object of each color and place them in front of the children. Have the children match the objects to the paper or bowl.
  • Use only one color and have the child find objects matching that color.

For extended challenge:

  • Gather objects that are different shades of one color. This helps children further understand the concept of color and recognize that light blue and dark blue are different shades of the same color ― blue.