How Am I Feeling

(for ages 6+, requires adult help)


  • 10 index cards or large post-it notes
  • Pencil

Prep Time:

  • 7 minutes

Recipe for Fun!

On the index cards, have an adult draw one emotion per card. For example, put a smiley face on one card and the word happy under the visual, a tired-looking face and the word tired on another. Do this with the following emotions too: sad, angry, scared, shy, confident, surprised, bored, and confused. Have one child hold up a card without looking at it. The other children take turns describing a situation that would evoke that feeling without saying the word, i.e., for confident, “I feel this way when all of my homework is done” or “I feel this way when I pass my tests.” The child holding the card has 45 seconds to guess the feeling based on all of the hints.