Mud Fun

(For Ages 5+)


  • Mud
  • Variety of plastic containers, cookie cutters
  • Play table or large plastic bin
  • Plastic silverware
  • Flowers, leaves, rocks
  • Assorted action figures

Prep Time:

  • None

Recipe for Fun!

After a rainy day, pull out the rain boots and old clothes and send your kids outdoors to play in the dirt and mud!

Playing in the mud will allow your kids to be in touch with nature, breathe in the fresh air, and learn how to appreciate the rainy days for what comes afterwards when the rain stops. Your child will probably need a good cleaning to do afterward, but it’ll be worth it!

STEP 1: Identify a safe area for your child to play with mud.

STEP 2: Set up a play table, plastic bin or small empty wading pool to create boundaries for your child’s outdoor mud play space.

STEP 3: Encourage your child to use their hands to child gather mud to their play space.

STEP 4: Demonstrate how to fill up plastic containers to make different sized shapes like you would do with sand on a beach. Use plastic silverware and/or cookie cutters to make different shapes.

STEP 5: Encourage the use of nature’s flowers, leaves, rocks to “decorate” your child’s mud creation. Bring out your child’s small doll and action figures to foster imaginative play!