Sack Race

(for ages 4+)


  • Minimum of 2 kids to play
  • Pillowcases or burlap sacks

Recipe for Fun!

This simple outdoor game is a terrific way for kids to get active while playing with others, developing balance, hand-eye coordination, and gross motor skills.

STEP 1: Plan a course or simply mark a start and finish line.

STEP 2: Gather burlap sacks or large pillowcases for each child.

STEP 3: Line the kids up at the starting line and have them get inside the sacks, holding the sacks up with their hands on either side.

STEP 4: On the count of three, let the sack race begin!

STEP 5: The first child to jump to the finish line wins.

MODIFICATION: If only one child is playing – set a timer and see if your child can improve their speed!

This play activity was submitted by Happy Camper Live.