Simon Says

(For Ages 3+)


  • 5 or more players

Recipe for Fun!

Simon Says is a fun classic game that encourages active play and helps in exercising listening skills. Although Simon Says is traditionally a child’s game, kids of all ages can play and enjoy the game. The fun increases with the number of players!

STEP 1: Gather all the players – Simon Says can be played both standing or sitting.

STEP 2: Within your group of players, designate one person to be Simon. The first Simon can be the oldest player or can be chosen at random, i.e. whose birthday is closest to today! Whomever is chosen to be Simon will then face the rest of the players - the listeners - in the group. 2.

STEP 3: The game begins when Simon gives commands to the group of listeners. Simon’s commands can be given in two different ways: beginning a command by saying “Simon says”, i.e., “Simon says hop on one foot” or simply stating the command, “Stand on one foot”. Simon’s goal is to eliminate as many listeners as possible, until there is one listener remaining as the winner.

STEP 4: Listeners must listen closely to what the leader, Simon, commands them to do. If Simon gives a command by first stating, “Simon says…” the listeners must obey Simon’s command. If Simon gives a command without first saying, “Simon says…” the listeners should not obey the command.

STEP 5: If a listener incorrectly obeys or does not obey Simon’s command, they are eliminated from the game round and must sit out until another round is started. (Suggestion – choose one player to sit out each round to keep track of who obeys Simon correctly.)

STEP 6: Depending upon Simon’s age, try to mix up the commands – switching back and forth between saying “Simon says” and not saying it. When someone incorrectly obeys one of Simon’s commands, call them out so they can be eliminated from the remaining group of players still in the game. Some common commands for Simon include:

  • Raise your hands.
  • Touch your nose.
  • Hop on one foot.
  • Do jumping jacks.
  • Wave hello.

STEP 7: Keep playing until there is one remaining listener left. The remaining listener is the winner for the round and can become the new Simon.

Bonus Tip: Create a theme around Simon – depending on the time of year, Simon can change their name from Simon. For example, if you’re playing at a birthday party, Simon can become “Birthday Girl says”. Simon can be “QB1 says” during football season. “Santa says” can lead the game around the holidays.