What’s the Scoop!

(for ages 5+)


  • Large number of different coins
  • Large bowl
  • Tablespoons
  • Paper
  • Pencil

Prep Time:

  • 0-3 minutes

Recipe for Playful Learning!

Financial literacy is an important component of STEAM learning and a building block for future life skills. This is a fun and educational game for kids and adults to play together!

STEP 1: Put a large number of different types of coins in a bowl. This is a great opportunity to open your kids’ piggy banks or that large jar of saved coins.

STEP 2: Before anyone starts scooping, determine how many rounds to play. Each player begins by taking turns scooping out one tablespoon of coins at a time.

STEP 3: After each round, players must count the total value of their coins and record their total coin values on paper. You may wish to do one practice round, reviewing the value of each type of coin before keeping track of scores.

STEP 4: The player who has the largest value of coins at the end of each round gets a point. At the end of the final round, players add up their earned points. The player with the most points wins!


To simplify, use all pennies instead of a mix of coins. As children get more comfortable with counting and coin recognition, add in nickels, then dimes, and so forth.

To add complexity, create new rules that assign points to each type of coin. Try assigning one point for pennies, two points for nickels, three points for dimes, and five points for quarters, or try playing rounds identifying a different coin that doesn’t get any points at all.

Skills to Practice: Counting Coins, Financial Literacy, Math, Critical Thinking

STEAM Focus: Math