Improve Cognitive Abilities

From birth to the age of three, children’s brains develop at a faster rate than at any other point in their entire lives. This is the time they’ll start learning and really understanding cognitive skills like paying attention, reasoning, remembering things they’ve learned and experienced, and motor skills.

One of the best ways to stimulate brain development and reinforce these valuable skills is by playing with your child as they explore objects and physical spaces, and learn to process sights and sounds.  

Self-directed play gives kids the opportunity to hone their decision-making skills. Selecting a game, focusing on that activity, and seeing it through to the end, is an important element of cognitive control, and helps sharpen their planning skills and attention spans.

And when children are faced with a problem during play, it tests their reasoning and judgment, and their ability to find a solution. Brain-teasers, puzzles and strategy-based games help reinforce critical thinking skills.

Boosting brain development — that’s the Genius of Play!

In a study, 88% of preschoolers
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such as comparing sizes and counting.

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