Acts of Kindness Calendar

Ages 4+


  • Large sheet of paper
  • Colored pencils, markers, and crayons

Recipe for Fun!

Performing acts of kindness boosts mood and self-esteem. It can also builds a sense of connection with others and encourages empathy, making your child (and you) feel happier and more fulfilled.

STEP 1: Using a large sheet of paper, create a grid with 7 columns across the top – one for each day of the week. (Alternative: Use one sheet of paper per day.)

STEP 2: Add 3 boxes below each day, large enough to write in.

STEP 3: Explain what an act of kindness is and help your child brainstorm a list.

  • To facilitate their thought process, suggest categorizing the acts of kindness by place or situation i.e. at school, at home, at a friend’s house, at the playground, at a party etc.

  • Acts of kindness may be different depending on the age of your child. Some examples:

    • Compliment someone

    • Donate items to a local charity

    • Hold the door open for your classmate

    • Help a friend with homework

    • Walk the dog

    • Make someone laugh

    • Call your grandparents

    • Read a book to your younger brother or sister

    • Bring schoolwork home for a sick friend

    • Help put away the laundry

    • Clean your room

    • Bake cookies for your teacher

    • Share your crayons during art class

    • Volunteer at the local rec center

    • Tutor a friend in a school subject

    • Help a friend practice a sport

    • Offer to help an elderly neighbor with yard work

    • Hug your mom and dad

    • Make a card for someone’s birthday

    • Say thank you

STEP 4: Two options to complete the calendar:

  • Help your child to enter each act of kindness into a box on the calendar until they’ve got at least 3 for each day.

  • Sit with your child to select acts and pre-populate the calendar for the week, checking off the acts of kindness as they are completed.

STEP 5: Review the completed acts of kindness before bedtime and notice how it makes your child and others feel happy.