Musical Feelings

(for ages 4+, requires adult help)


  • Index cards with the following emotions (or others you can think of) written and simply illustrated on one side of each card: Angry, Happy, Sad, Joyful, Scared, Silly, Disgusted, Surprised, Ashamed, Bored, Confused, Tired, Relaxed, Defeated
  • Music

Prep Time:

  • 15 minutes

Recipe for Fun!

Lay the cards emotion side down in a large circle, with the cards a few inches apart from each other. Have each child stand on one of the facedown cards. Then put on some music and let the kids walk, run, hop, jump, even dance from card to card. Stop the music and yell FREEZE! Each child must take a turn making a face or describing the feeling on the card they’ve landed on without saying the word or allowing the other kids to see the card. The first one to guess correctly, wins!