Musical Feelings

(for ages 4+, requires adult supervision)


  • Minimum 2- 4 Players
  • Index card (or sheets of paper)
  • Music

Recipe for Fun!

This play activity uses large muscles to promote development and learning by encouraging children to express, understand, and regulate emotions. This is a wonderful activity to play during a family game night with players of all ages.

STEP 1: Ask the children to suggest a variety of emotions that can be written and/or illustrated on the index cards.

  • Emotion Suggestions: Happy, Angry, Sad, Joyful, Scared, Silly, Disgusted, Surprised, Ashamed, Excited, Bored, Confused, Tired, Relaxed, Defeated, Embarrassed

STEP 2: Depending upon the ages of the children, the adult can write the emotion on one side, while the children draw the emotion on the other side. (Tip: Suggest using different emoji faces for each emotion.)

STEP 3: Lay the cards - with the emotion side up - in a large circle, with the cards a few inches apart from each other.

STEP 4: Have each child stand on one of the cards.

STEP 5: Play the music and let the kids walk, run, hop, jump, even dance from card to card.

STEP 6: When the music stops, the kids must freeze on top of the index card they landed on, covering the emotion.

STEP 7: Each round, choose a different child to go asking them to make a face or describe the feeling on the card that they have landed on.

STEP 8: Whoever guesses the emotion first, wins the round!