Mad Face, Scary Face

(for ages 3+)


  • Books about feeling angry or being scared
  • Large piece of paper
  • Stuffed animal or puppet

Prep Time:

  • None

Recipe for Fun!

Read aloud a book about feeling angry. Talk about the character and what made her angry. Share something that makes you angry. Introduce a stuffed animal or puppet. Tell the child about something that made this animal very angry. Ask the child for advice. What should she do? Make a list of the child’s suggestions on the paper. Guide the discussion and add your ideas only if it is needed. Suggestions might include using your words, telling a grownup, having quiet time alone, pounding clay, scribbling really fast with crayons, or making an angry face. Remind the child it is OK to feel angry but you have to decide how to act angry in an OK way. Share books about angry feelings and have them available. This activity can be repeated with other emotions.